Company name             KayteeBio, Co.&Ltd.


Board of Directors         Kensei Tsuzaka      President & CEO


Established in:               June 2nd, 2010

Headquarters:               Room #505, Yamaguchi Bdg.

                                    4-38-22 Honcho, Funabashi,

                                    Chiba 273-0005, JAPAN




Corporate Philosophy

We aim to overcome diseases through the development and commercialization of innovative new diagnostics and medicines.


In recent years, the treatment of autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA), has advanced dramatically by the contribution of biological drugs. These biological products, however, have fallen short of providing fundamental therapy. It is therefore strongly desired to develop novel treatments.


Also, diagnostic products for early diagnosis are urgently required, which enable early treatment to be carried out quickly. We aim to contribute to society through development of novel medicines providing fundamental therapy, and diagnostics that can lead to early diagnosis.


Kaytee Bio Co.&Ltd.




   Room #505,

   Yamaguchi Bdg,      


   4-38-22,  Honcho,                      


   Chiba 273-0005, JAPAN

   TEL: +81474110017

   FAX: +81474110018