Our Projects

1. Talin Test: Diagnostic and monitoring marker of RA

We have developed a new diagnostic product for rheumatoid arthritis using a new disease-related protein talin that is detected in RA patients. Details Here!



2. BiologicMate®: Efficacy prediction of biologics reagents in RA treatment

We have developed a new diagnostic procedure using BiologicMate® that can predict the efficacy of the biologics reagents in rheumatoid arthritis. Details Here!



3. RA new treatment: anti-short talin treatment

We have developed a new anti-short talin treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Details Here!

4. Aggrecanase Test

Aggrecanase test is an assay to quantify blood aggrecanase. The diagnosis and prognosis of osteoarthritis could be predicted using this test. Details Here!

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