Case Reports of Talin Test: As a monitoring marker of RA treatment

1.    RA patients with sustained high blood level of short-talin should  

      be multi-drug resistant RA.


2.    RA patients with remission have normal level of blood short-talin.


3.    Compared with MMP-3, blood short-talin should be considered to  

      be more reflective of the pathology of RA.


Blood short-talin level, MMP-3, DAS28, Swollen Joint Count (SJC), in terms of the normal value to 1.0

Case 1Non-responder with tocilizumab (TCZ).


Sustained high level of DAS28, SJC, and MMP-3 even after treatment with TCZ.

Blood short-talin was improved, but did not reach to the normal level. 


Case 2】 Remission case with infliximab (IFX)

SJC and DAS28 were   observed to become normal range after the treatment with IFX. MMP-3 got into normal before DAS remission.      

Case 3】

Multi-drug resistant case.


SJC, DAS28 were sustained high level after treatment of abatacept (ABA) and golimumab (GOL). Blood short-talin was also extremely high level.

Case 4】

Good responder with IFX.


Although DAS28 and MMP-3 were decreased to normal, there observed positive SJC after treatment with IFX. Blood short-talin did not reached into normal.

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